Choosing The Right Landscaping Grasses

Choosing The Right Landscaping Grasses

landscaping companiesThe grass is for more than just your lawn there are a lot of landscape grasses that can make great significance for your garden and yard too. If you’re worried of finicky flowers or merely want to enhance your existing shrubs and flowers and with soft-edged plants, grass landscaping is for you. With varieties in a range of textures and colors, ornamental grasses are exceptional for creating curb appeal and finding answers for problem sections on your home.

Some Things to consider when choosing landscape grass.


landscapingTake a look at your current landscaping and choose how you will combine landscape grasses into the mix as bed fillers or ground cover, for visual emphasis or for an “empty” area in your lawn?


Do some research on which grasses work well for your local climate. Some grasses such as cattails can grow invasive in wet areas but won’t grow in drier areas; feather reedgrass follows sea oats but needs well-drained soil.