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FULL SHEDINJA TEAM! BIRTHDAY SPECIAL,A full team of Shedinjas, what a brilliant challenge and fun! Subscribe to KrimZenTv sKrimZenTV Become a supporter here..

Shedinja, A Ghost In The Shell!? - The Dex! Episode 11!.Support us on Patreon! 1nwwhbF Buy your Dex shirts today at 1qxu9DM Every week on The Dex, Alex and PokeKellz present..

Pokemon X And Y: Final Gambit Shedinja.This is my triple battle strategy revolving around Shedinja. Please watch till the end. Applaud to Craig for not disconnecting. Please rate, comment, and..

?~EPIC SHEDINJA SWEEP~? #2.Shedinja Sweep Pokemon X and Y What Pokemon would you like to see attempted next Leave a comment below and drop a like on the tutorial! Shedinja Build..

Pokemon X &Y Strategy - No Wonder Its OP! Shedinja Strategy.Wonder Guard Trivia! swatchvH8V5ovtHGI Shedinja is the Highest Risk Highest Reward Pokemon in the game. It can win a battle..

Sturdy Shedinja! Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire WiFi Battle! Fan Fridays #286 Stefan.Title says all, we see the legendary Sturdy Shedinja get set up in real life. Sturdy Shedinja is one of those Pokemon of legend, lets see how it goes Other..

Shedinja Is Scary As F Halloween Special!

Shedinja Is Scary As F Halloween Special!,Shedinja is the scariest shit youll ever see in your entire life.. dookieshed on Facebook!.facebookdookieshed dookieshed on Twitter!.

How To Get Ninjask And Shedinja In Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire.In the tutorial, I show you how to obtain Ninjask and Sheninja in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! All you need to do is make sure you have a free slot..

Shedinja Respect! Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire WiFi Battle! Fan Fridays #408 Vladimir.This is one messed up Shedinja, it stands in the face of threats like Blaziken and Rayquaza and laughs and makes magic happen. That Wonder Guard fun can..

YOU MISSED! Shedinja Ownage | NU Wifi Battle #6 | Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire.Pokemon ORAS Wifi Battle against BradyOActiv using Shedinja in the Smogon NU Tier! 100 Likes for another Wifi Battle on Wednesday! Bradys Channel..

Shedinja Con Robustez.Aqu os dejo la estrategia definitiva! Shedinja con Robustez, el ngel de la muerte, el cual es imparable una vez obtiene esta habilidad. Like si os gust y..

Shedinja Only - Wallace.Final fight of the E4. And seriously one of the easiest. But oh well. Only two Pokmon had a move that could hit Shedinja, which is Toxic lol. Ill probably do..

The Shedinja Troll.Trolololololol. More WiFi Battles channelUCuoIRHsH1gbexuM5V3g7HAsubconfirmation1 Cobis Channel..

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