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How To Do A Small Pitched Roof

How To Do A Small Pitched Roof,This is part two of the porch build where I am doing the roof. I show how I construct it showning in detail how to do the lead flashing..

Building A Roof Over A Stoop.This small project actually solved a big water problem. The gutter was overflowing and causing water to run down over the door. The solution was to build a..

Design Of A Roof Addition Over An Existing Concrete Patio In Bozeman, MT Part 1.bozemanremodeling Peter Q Brown shows the design process for an attractive new roof addition over an existing concrete patio. Remodeling and..

Building A Porch - Part 4 - The Final Push.Part three of my latest project of building a roof over my side door porch area. In this installment I get the roof on and take a moment to talk about the project..

Framing The Porch Roof.Bob confers with contractor Larry Landers, as Landers and his crew assemble the front porch framework on the Wayland project house. Landers goes on to..

Rain On A Tin Roof 2hrs "Sleep Sounds".Downloads of many of my tutorials at.texashighdef Film out the door of my shed with a tin roof..

How To Build A Shed Part 4 Building Roof Rafters

How To Build A Shed Part 4 Building Roof Rafters,Chris from.icreatablesshedsshedplans teaches you how to build roof rafters for your shed or outbuilding. This tutorial walks you through all..

How To Build A Patio Cover (must Watch).An inside look as to how I came to build myself a patio cover. My 1st time doing some handy work like this. here for an update to this tutorial..

Gable Roof Erection Procedure.The procedure for erecting a simple Gable Roof..

Build A 12x20 Gable Roof Shed In 10 Minutes..cheapsheds This tutorial will show us building a 12x20 gable roof shed in 15 hours, condensed into a 10 minute tutorial. Its my first photo project..

Building The Woodshop.This is about how I built my wood shop. We decided to move from our previous home for a variety of reasons. I saw the move as an opportunity to gain a bigger..

DIY Metal Roofing Installation, Basic How-To Video.In this tutorial Im installing some metal roofing over an existing ashfault shingled roof. This is not a complete install only basic install on a bungalow, Im not..

Yardmaster Metal Shed Instructions Part 3 Walls, Doors And Completion.Final stages including loose fit of wall panels before tightening down, install of roof, then door assembly and fit. As with previous stages leave all screws loose..

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